Prevention Measures of Coal Spontaneous Combustion or Dust Explosion in Steel Silo

Jul 30, 2017Keywords: prevention measures, coal spontaneous combustion, steel silo

Because of the small coefficient of thermal conductivity of coal, heat diffusion is slow, coal long time store in silos will make coal temperature increase,concentration of CO etc.inflammable gas will reaches a certain value, easily make spontaneous combustion. Therefore, measures must be taken to reduce the temperature in the silo. At present, usually adopts the following methods to prevent  coal spontaneous combustion :

(1) add the insulation layer on silo outside wall, which can prevent the coal from freezing in the coal in the winter, and also prevent the temperature of the outside of the silo from overheating and causing the coal to ignite spontaneously.

(2)Add temperature measuring cable inside the silo to monitor the temperature of the coal in the silo in time. When the temperature is raised to the set value, the alarm signal shall be issued. The temperature measuring cable is covered by three steel wires, and cover with nylon at outside. This prevents the coal block from damaging the thermal cable during the fall. The temperature measuring cable usually sets one temperature measuring point each meter, and one temperature measuring point can radiate a sphere with a diameter of 115m.

(3) In the silo, through the inert gas to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal or dust explosion. Inert gas protection method of coal steel silo is mean to install in the top of the silo inflatable device, and inert gas into the silo, the displace the flammable gas and air on coal surface; around the silo wall embedded inflatable Components, filled the coal layer with inert gas, to exclude the combustible gas and air in the coal; set the gas lock components in the bottom of the silo, to lock the unloading port.

This technology through the above-mentioned lock, charge,  inerting  protection method, to prevent and inhibit the silo of coal spontaneous combustion and explosion in all-round and deep level. Similarly, the inertial protection method of this technology can also be applied to the safety precautions of flammable and explosive places such as powder stores, granaries, oil depots, coal mines, chemical plants and so on.



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