How to Choose Cement Silo?

Aug 03, 2017Keywords: cement silo choose

The cement silo choosing mainly according to the delivery conditions, usage requirement, manufacture reputation, quality, configuration requirement, etc, these are the details as follows:
Basis 1. Delivery Condition
Cement silo can be divided into bulk cement silo and bolted cement silo. The bulk cement silo is easy to install, bolted silo is easy to delivery. If it is near to manufacturers and it is easy to delivery, you can choose bulk  cement silo; If it is far away manufacturer, even need shipment exit,  choose the bolted cement silo.
Basis 2: Usage Requirement
Cement silo has many models, 30 tons, 60 tons, 100tons, 200 tons , 500tons, we should choose the cement silo according to your use demand, choose the suitable cement silo based on the principles  of capable and high efficiency .
Basis 3: Manufacturer Reputation
There are many cement manufacturers, when choosing , must look for the high reputation , only in this way, the product quality and  after-sale service will be guaranteed.
Basis 4: Quality
Although the cement silos are  from one manufacturer, because of the process and workmanship requirements are different, so it also exists good or bad quality, so you should pay attention to identify when purchasing, such as you can judge the quality according to if  the surface paint layer, thickness, smoothness  are qualified and is the  weld treatment  is precise.
Basis 5: configuration requirement
The cement silo configuration requirement mainly include the screw conveyor, arch breaker, roof scrubber, level-sensing device, weighing system and other parts, due to the different allocation, cement silo in the price and performance will vary greatly, so when purchase, you must base on your own use requirements, choose the suitable for yourself.
The above is the basis for the cement silo purchase, hope these can help you when you purchase the cement silo.

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