Don Not Ignore These Small Problems of Cement Silo

Jul 12, 2017Keywords: bulk material storage equipment, cement silo

Although the cement silo has characteristics of the rain-proof and moisture, you still need to note that when you buy and use the cement silo: most of the cement silo material is the steel plate, owing to it exposed in air for a long time, it is easy to corrode, so it is necessary to check the anticorrosion work of the cement tank, such as if the paint is well , if the thickness and smoothness is qualified; The cement silo’s welding is also important, you need to check if the welding seam meet the qualification, such as if the welding is solid and perfect. During the using time, it is necessary to check the whether the seal on the top of the cement silo is intact frequently, especially the users of the cement storage should pay more attention to the once there are water entering and cause the cement agglomeration, it will cause the unnecessary trouble. Of course, the side of the silo should be checked that if it is sealed, this is where users are most likely to ignore, they think only the top sealed is OK, this is wrong. It is noteworthy!

The cement silo is a kind of enclosed bulk material storage equipment, owing to it has the characteristics of water proof, moisture proof, easy to use, etc, it is suitable for storing the grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk material which are susceptible to water and moisture, and the tank body is equipped with material level system and hole system. Matching with the screw conveyor pump, can convey the material to various places, the installation is very easy and it is safe and reliable, is the ideal bulk material storage tank of various concrete batching plant, it is because of these advantages of cement silo to attract customers .

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