The Demand for Energy of Non-Metallic Production Such as Cement is Larger Than the High-end Manufacturing

Jul 04, 2017Keywords: non-metallic production, high-end manufacturing, non-metallic cement production

With the basic end of the population gathered to the town and industrialization process, the peak of China’s energy has come. It is estimated that the China’s energy total demand will be reduced to the 4 billion, 3,74 billon tons and 3 billon tons standard coal.
This is a recent report on the "Sixth Global Energy Security Think Tank Forum" held by Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of quantitative economics and technology economics, "Energy Security and New Energy Technology and Economic Research" Innovative Engineering Research Project Group to provide the theme of the report of "China's energy revolution - supply lateral reform and structural optimization, 2017-2050" show the content.
Correspondingly, China’s large-scale urban construction and infrastructure construction will also be completed, which will greatly reduce the demand of the high energy of steel, colored, building materials, and relevant traffic energy demand will reach a peak. 
The report believes that the demand growth point is high-end manufacturing and living expenses in the future. But the energy demand for high-end manufacturing is much lower than the energy demand for the production process of steel, nonferrous metals, nonmetallic (cement, glass, etc.). As energy demand falls, energy will no longer be a bottleneck in Chinese economy, but can realize the balanced between supply and demand. Under normal circumstances, the energy supply capacity should be slightly larger than the demand, in order to achieve effective guarantee.

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